Joan's studio is located in Longmont, CO. 
Call for an appointment  970-396-8511

2017 exhibits and studio tours

February - April: Tortugas Restaurant,  218 Coffman St, Longmont

February - March: NoBo Art District Group Show,  Boulder Public Library, Canyon Gallery

June 17-18: Prospect Studio Tour, exhibiting at 825 Tempted Ways Drive

July 14 - August 26: Arts Longmont Gallery, 356 Main St. Longmont

August 27: Arts on the River, River Bend, 501 West Main St., Lyons CO

September 8-24: Preview Exhibit for Longmont Studio Tour, Arts Longmont Gallery, 356 Main St.
                              Friday, Sept 8, 6-9pm, Opening Reception and Silent Auction for 6"x6" mini artworks

September 23-24: Longmont Studio Tour, 11:00am - 5:00pm, 825 Tempted Ways Drive, Longmont